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Chronic Pain

September is Chronic Pain Month If you look up chronic pain in the dictionary or on Google, you will find a variation of the following definition: ‘Chronic pain is defined as persistent pain in one or more regions of the body that lasts longer than the typical period of time expected for healing, usually three …

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3 Tips to Decrease Pain While Sitting

Hot to Relieve Office Chair Pain Consider your typical day, is most of your day spent sitting? Research has shown that we spend most of our day being sedentary. Sitting on the couch, sitting at work, sitting in your car going to and from places are just a few examples.   It is important to note that injury doesn’t always occur during …

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What is Degenerative Disc Disease?

Understanding what degenerative disc disease is Early degenerative disc disease, lumbar osteoarthritis, bone spurs, “your back is breaking down”, thinned discs; these are all very scary terms that may be given as a diagnosis to our patients. Many times, these findings come after an X-ray or an MRI for back pain. The goal of this post is …

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Tips to help minimize pregnancy-related back pain

How to Get the Best sleeps Many women experience back pain during their pregnancy. Here are five tips to help minimize your back pain so you can get back to day to day life. 1. Exercise – Low impact cardiovascular activities like swimming, walking or stationary cycling can help relieve pain and maintain fitness. Be sure to …

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