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We are Redefining Fitness

SIX08 Health now provides personal training that is designed specifically for you. Workouts are customized for each person based on goals, fitness experience, lifestyle, previous injuries and more. Clients will learn how to properly workout with instruction on form along with tips to stay motivated.

Take the first step in achieving your goals today.

Benefits of Personal Training at SIX08 Health

  • It’s all about your Overall health and wellness; and not just “working out”. We also include mobility work, nutrition advice and healthy habits.
  • It’s all about Learning: Training with SIX08 Health is more than just having a Personal Trainer telling you how to move, but teaching you how to move. 
  • We are Experienced: We have countless years of Personal Training, Nutrition  and clinical experience to help you achieve the best results for you. Our staff have worked with a lot of different bodies each with their own goals. And we feel confident in our ability to help you.
  • We are Specialized: There are no shortcuts to success and we don’t copy/paste workouts. Everything is tailored to each individual based on experience, body type, goals, and schedule.
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Fitness with Heart

SIX08 Health’s integrated, multidisciplinary team enables us to provide comprehensive and individualized care to our patients.

Rachelle Hucal


Certified Personal Trainer

Rachelle will help you accomplish your goals with a personal trainer by your side. Do you need a workout plan and a coach to hold you accountable?

Rachelle has years of experience creating personalized workouts that will keep you motivated. SIX08 Health’s private fitness studio offers programs to work with everyone at all levels of fitness.

Fitness Training FAQ

How many times should I workout in a week?

This depends on a few things, what are our goals? Are you already familiar with physical activity? Do you have any injuries that we need to work around? But as a rough starting point, I recommend 3 times per week to start. One of my main goals with new clients is to make physical activity a habit that is maintainable.

Should I eat before a workout? What should I eat?

Ideally your body will perform best with some fuel in the tank so try to have a snack or small meal an hour or two before training. That being said, there are plenty of people that like to train early in the morning and don’t have time to digest their food and prefer to workout on an empty stomach. After a few weeks of training consistently you will start to see what works best for your body.
If you are going to eat a couple hours before you can have a small meal that contains carbohydrates and some protein, examples would be chicken and rice with vegetables, an omelette, healthy taco bowl etc. If you don’t have much time before your workout, I would suggest easily digesting carbohydrates such as fruit with peanut butter, smoothies, Greek yogurt with berries etc. Something that’s light but will still give you some energy.

What are the best workouts for weight loss?

There are many ways you can go about working out to assist with weight loss, the biggest thing is that you move and get your heart rate up. For a lot of my clients, I typically recommend circuit style training that can include a variety of full body resistance and cardiovascular movements.

What should I bring for my first training session?

All you really need is comfortable clothing that you can move around easily in, a water bottle, good footwear for working out in (runners), and if you do have injuries that require a brace or support, please bring that as well.

What to expect out of my first training session?

First off, I really enjoy what I do and I want you to enjoy yourself as well. Most sessions I will usually chat a bit and go over a couple forms first that just make sure you are safe for exercise, give me insight as to your goals for training with me, and if you have any injuries or other matters that we need to work around with your training. I will take you through a warm up that involves some stretching and mobility work. Then we will get to the workout; the first session typically gives me a good idea of how you move and your current fitness level. Last off is the cool down where we will finish off with some stretching and discuss if you have some weekly goals you would like to work on until I see you again.

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