'Tis The Season Of Snow Shoveling | SIX08 Health Styling for tooltip.

Consider these tips to avoid injury

Tip #1: WARM-UP

  • When you have a task as tedious as shoveling snow, it’s understandable to want to quickly dress and barrel through it. Unfortunately, this is the first mistake you can make that may lead to injury. It’s imperative to stretch because warm muscles will work more efficiently and be less likely to be injured.


  • Buying a shovel that is the proper height is important. With the blade on the ground, the snow shovel should come up to approximately your chest height, as this will reduce strain on your back because you aren’t bending down as far as well as making the snow easier to lift.
  • Also, try to use a lightweight, push-style shovel.


  • When lifting anything, technique is important. Shoveling and lifting snow off your driveway is no different. Push the snow to one side and avoid throwing it as much as possible.
  • If you must throw, avoid twisting and turning – position yourself to throw straight at the snow pile.
  • Squat and bend your knees. Your legs take the stress from your back when you lift heavy objects like snow.
  • Be sure to keep your feet shoulder-width apart and tighten your abdominal muscles.


  • To reduce the strain don’t wait until the snow is deep to begin shoveling.
  • Removing small amounts of snow on a frequent basis is less strenuous in the long run, so try and get ahead of the shoveling during a big snow fall.
  • If the snow has already piled up, don’t try to shovel all of it at once. You should try to only lift the top two inches of snow off at a time to prevent injury.


  • Even in these cold temps, it’s very important to stay hydrated. Make sure you are taking frequent breaks to rest and drink water!

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