Hot Treatments during the Cold Snap | SIX08 Health Styling for tooltip.

“We’re gunna start your massage with some cold therapy…” because my hands are icicles. So sorry.

An ongoing joke with our massage therapists in office right now.  Especially first thing in the morning, it’s hard to keep our hands warm! Mittens just aren’t cutting it in this cold snap. And don’t even get me started on those cold steering wheels!

Don’t worry, we do our best to warm them up. Between warm water, hydrocollator packs and laundry fresh out of the dryer, we turn those icicle fingers in to moderately cool appendages. And once we start massaging, the blood flow does the rest for us. But thank heavens for those table warmers! No one likes crawling on to a freezing cold massage table. And did you know we offer hot packs for no additional charge? You can request your therapist to add that in to your treatment if we aren’t already hooking you up. It’s pretty easy for us to add one to your back while we work on your lower body. Then your muscles are all warm and relaxed by the time we need to dig in there!

Better yet, a hot stone massage will warm you up even more.  We currently have 6 massage therapists trained in therapeutic hot stone massage. The best part about these treatments is that the heat from the stones relaxes and soothes your muscles and makes them more pliable for us to dig in and work out those tight spots. Plus, it just feels amazing. Hot stone massages are exceptionally nice this time of year. Learn about other styles of massage we offer here.

No one likes being chilly – but we do our best to warm you up after you’ve ventured out in to the cold. And we’re so grateful that you’re braving the cold weather to make it to your appointment with us! Looks like this cold weather is going to last a little longer, so remember to take care of yourself despite the unpleasant weather. And if that means coming in for a massage, we’ll make sure you’re toasty and warm.

For additional info on using heat to help relieve pain, click here.