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What is a Comprehensive Health Assessment?

This cumulative assessment is conducted by a team of experts, including a Registered Nurse, Physiotherapist, and Psychologist. The Registered Nurse evaluates your overall health, identifying potential concerns or improvement areas. Our Physiotherapist will conduct a functional fitness assessment to optimize your physical well-being. Our Psychologist-intern will conduct a mental health check-in, highlighting any psychological aspects that may impact your overall health. To conclude your assessment, you will receive a detailed take-home report highlighting all your health data, including your heart age and risk profile, sleep study, skeletal stability, muscular strength, mobility, VO2 max, and more.

Your CHA will empower you with insights and action steps for a more balanced life leading to optimal wellness.

The CHA Process

A comprehensive health assessment is crucial for several reasons, as it provides an in-depth understanding of an individual’s well-being. This is a summary of the process:

Phase 1

Schedule and participate in appointments across all specialties, including Registered Nursing (RN), Physiotherapy, and Psychology. The CHA entails four appointments, comprising two RN sessions—your Initial CHA RN Health Assessment and the CHA Final Health Review. It is recommended that you attend all appointments within a two-week timeframe for optimal care coordination.

Phase 2

Our interdisciplinary team of specialists will collate the data from your assessments into a comprehensive report, which will be provided to you for your records. This detailed report will be presented during your CHA Final Health Review, ensuring you thoroughly understand your health and a guided plan to reach your health goals.

Phase 3

It doesn’t stop there! You will have access to our team of healthcare providers for ongoing care to address the areas of your health that need attention.


Who should book in for the Comprehensive Health Assessment?

Do you feel in the dark about your health? No idea what your test results even mean? Are you waiting for a healthcare provider to give you a diagnosis so you have the name of what you are experiencing?

Are you sick and tired of stop-gap treatments and want to get off the healthcare merry-go-round? If so, you sound like you are in the reactive state of your medical journey and ready for a CHA.

Perhaps you aren’t “sick,” but you just don’t feel “well”. Over the last few years, have you noticed your energy decreasing? Is your lifestyle catching up with you? Are you looking to build habits and strategies to bulletproof your health? If so, a preventative approach to health is what you require. Let us help you plan and secure the future of your health.

So, you feel “well,” and you have developed a robust lifestyle that keeps you that way. That’s great! We are here to help when your weekend run turns into tendonitis… Now wouldn’t it be great if we could have stopped that in the first place? It’s time to expedite your recovery. Let us take the guesswork away and give you an action plan to get you back on top as quickly as possible.

Wellness Trifecta

Are you healthy and strong and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon? Do you spend hours every week working on your health, whether that be long days in the mountains, running, CrossFit or gym training? Are you looking to find your athletic potential? You have a full-time job, and there are only so many hours in the week… Let us optimize your health with our precision insights resulting in the endless possibilities of infinite health.

The Benefits of the CHA Process

The big picture of your health

Understanding your health can be overwhelming, so we have broken it down into three areas for you to consider. We call the sum of these three areas of health the “Wellness Trifecta.” The trifecta consists of your physiological systems (consider medical wellness), physical fitness (consider stability, mobility, muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance), and mental wellness. The CHA is designed to go into detail in all three areas to uncover your strengths and areas that can be improved. It is easy to focus on what you know and ignore what you don’t, which is the value of the CHA; it is a balanced assessment of you. We look at everything from your lifestyle, sleep, ability to perform physically, and how you are coping at the end of the day.

Precision vs. Effort

Can you imagine having to walk OVER mountains to get to your destination? Then, one day, someone shows you the path through the valley where the weather is fairer and the orchards are plentiful. All it took was a bit of direction, and your life improved remarkably. In fact, there is less effort and more energy for what awaits you at your destination. This is the power the CHA can provide. Let us guide your efforts to improve your health in the most efficient way possible. Our precision insights give you unrivalled leverage over your health; this is the SIX08 Health Experience.

Healthcare with Heart

To elevate the health of our community and provide access to quality healthcare, the Comprehensive Health Assessment (CHA) was born. SIX08Health’s most significant collaboration yet! The CHA team consists of Jenna Janzen (Registered Nurse), Ashley Lowe (Physiotherapist / Pelvic Health therapist), Cora Pavan (Psychology Intern), Shane Pilling (Physiotherapist), and Rory McMullin (Physiotherapist). Working together to bring you precision insights for proactive health. The CHA’s crown jewel of the SIX08Health experience is a testament to how team-based care can foster all-encompassing health and wellness for everyone.

Comprehensive Health Assessment FAQ

Why is a comprehensive Health Assessment necessary?

CHA’s are necessary for many reasons, including early detection of health risks, development of a tailored treatment plan, prevention or delaying onset of chronic diseases, improved patient-provider communication, and health optimization of already-healthy individuals. CHA’s are a systematic way to develop a deeper understanding of one’s health.

How long will the assessment take?

The assessment will be a cumulative total of 3.5 hours. Your Initial RN Systems Assessment (60 minutes), Physical Fitness Assessment (60 minutes), Mental Health Check-In (45 minutes), and final RN Health Review & Report (45 minutes). If you book your appointments back-to-back, it is advised you bring a snack and eat a meal before you arrive.

How do I book the CHA appointments?

When you book your CHA, this will be your first RN Systems Assessment. During this appointment your RN will book the remainder assessments for you.

Will I have to bring gym attire?

Yes, comfortable gym attire is necessary for your fitness assessment. Additionally, please bring water and running shoes.

Will I receive a copy of my health report?

Yes. You will be provided a thorough take-home document with a report of all your findings.

What kind of health topics will be addressed in my assessments?

Your initial RN assessment will include topics such as health history, family history, systems assessment, cardiac age and risk profile, diabetes screening, point of care blood tests (lipid panel test and HbA1c), and more. Your fitness assessment will include stability, mobility, strength, and cardiorespiratory fitness (VO2 max prediction testing).

Can this replace my regular check-up with my GP/NP?

No, this is an assessment intended to be used in addition to your regular medical assessments and does not replace a thorough medical exam from your practitioner.

How often should I complete a CHA?

This may vary from person to person, but generally, we recommend a CHA be completed every 6-12 months or with a change in health status to monitor progress. 

What bloodwork is available? Is this cost covered through SIX08?

Point-of-care testing, including a lipid panel test (cholesterol, triglycerides etc..) and HbA1C, is covered in the CHA fee. Serum blood tests are offered through our Naturopathic Doctor but are not covered by Alberta Health. We recommend you request regular blood work through your physician or Nurse Practitioner for optimal care and monitoring.

What happens if a serious concern is revealed and I don’t have a family doctor?

We will recommend you see one of our Nurse Practitioners for further investigation or seek medical attention through urgent care or the emergency room if immediate attention is required.

Do my benefits/insurance cover the CHA fee?

No, unfortunately, benefit providers do not currently cover the CHA fee; however, you may submit your receipt to your health spending account (if applicable to you) for reimbursement.

What follow-up care is provided?

You will be offered to book a 3-month follow-up appointment with our RN to monitor your health progress. Any treatment plan set in place after your CHA will also be initiated through our RN at your CHA Final Review appointment.

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