3 Tips to Decrease Pain While Sitting | SIX08 Health Styling for tooltip.

Hot to Relieve Office Chair Pain

Consider your typical day, is most of your day spent sitting? Research has shown that we spend most of our day being sedentary. Sitting on the couch, sitting at work, sitting in your car going to and from places are just a few examples.  

It is important to note that injury doesn’t always occur during an activity or sport. Extended periods of sitting can also be a cause of chronic pain. Sitting for prolonged periods can cause back, neck and shoulder pain. Often it can limit range of motion for many people.  

There are ways to ensure that sitting, whether that be at home or at work, doesn’t mean more pain than productivity. Consider the following tips:  


Sitting in the exact same position for long periods of time can cause muscles to stiffen and can slow circulation. Get up and move! Yes, it’s that simple. Getting up and stretching every hour or so can go a long way in preventing pain. A great item to consider is a working station that is versatile, so you have that option to change positions. A great desk to consider is one that can change heights so you can either sit or stand!    


Always try to sit upright, with your shoulders down and ensuring that you are not in a slouching position. The back of your pelvis/bum should be butted against the back of the chair for support.  

Keep your body weight distributed to both of your feet evenly. Try not to cross your legs as that rotates the pelvis.  

Try using a lumbar support, which is essentially a cushion for your lower back that rests on the back of your chair. A lumbar support can go a long way in preventing pain. If you don’t have access to a lumbar roll, get creative! Roll up a towel or a sweater to place behind you when sitting.    


Your chair can be a big factor in whether you experience pain. If your chair height isn’t correct, you’ll have to extend your forearms downwards or upwards to type.   

You should always try to have your chair under your desk as far as you can, this helps to prevent slouching forwards putting strain on your lower back.  

If you are experiencing pain due to sitting and need relief, consider chiropractic care! Chiropractors can help address any musculoskeletal concern.