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Medical Grade Skincare vs. Over the Counter Skincare

Our medical aesthetics department is always getting asked if there is a difference between the products we offer at our cliniccompared to products you can buy at a local drug store. And the simple answer is yes. Not all skin care products are created equal and the quality of results you get from products is based on the quality of products used. And yes, medical grade skincare is different.

In short, the best product have the best ingredients, in the purest form, the proper strengths, backed with case studies. 

Now here are some reasons to choose medical grade skincare: 

1) Better quality ingredients: 

Medical grade products are required to contain ingredients that are 99% pure. Over the counter products are not held to these same standards and contain fillers. 

2) More of each ingredient: 

We all know or have heard of the active ingredients recommended for the healthiest skin (retinol, vitamin c, stem cells, etc.) but it’s in medical grade skin care that you will find the highest concentration of these. Although over the counter products may advertise these ingredients, they don’t contain enough of the ingredient to be effective. 

3) Safety of products regulated by the FDA: 

In medical grade skin care, the products must have clinical research done to back any claims of their benefits. Over the counter skin care does not have to have any studies or research behind their claims. 

4) Delivery to deep layers of the skin: 

Medical grade skin care is formulated to deliver ingredients to the deeper layers of your skin, creating optimal results. When products are delivered to the dermis we are making real changes to the skin and stimulating collagen. 

5) Medical grade skin care is directed for specific skin types: 

One of the biggest benefits of using medical grade skin care is that in order to access them, you receive recommendations from a professional. By doing this, you are more likely to save some money as you won’t have to continue the trial and error of over the counter products. 

There truly is no one-size-fits-all skincare regimen. With all the different skin care lines out there, it can get very confusing to decide which is best for you. Get in touch with a professional and we are more than happy to guide you in the right direction!