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An update for East Meets West and Downtown Lethbridge

LETHBRIDGE, October 15, 2020 – SIX08 Health (formerly East Meets West Health Centre) is celebrating the one-year mark in the construction of its downtown building. One year ago today the company broke ground on their exciting redevelopment project that will contribute to the city’s ongoing Downtown revitalization efforts and expansion of health and wellness services. 

The construction project in partnership with the City of Lethbridge’s Downtown Revitalization Program is scheduled to be completed in early 2021. 

Opening their brand-new healthcare center will allow the company to offer a new level of patient-centered care to Alberta’s third-largest city, culminating with their new location at 608 5th Avenue South – in the heart of downtown Lethbridge. 

“2020 has certainly been a challenging year for many local businesses. We are extremely fortunate to be working with our great local trades and many people who have contributed to the development and completion of our new clinic.” says Dr. Sean Hantke – DTCM, RAC, CEO. 

“This is an exciting endeavor that represents countless hours and resources brought together to complete our big vision. The finish line is finally in sight.” 

Since 2004 Dr. Hantke and his team of doctors and practitioners, have provided patients with the most comprehensive care through their multidisciplinary team. 

“October 15 marks a very special day for our practice as it signifies our business anniversary,” said Dr. Sean Hantke. 

“To reflect on our company’s growth and construction progress one year after we broke ground has been a humbling and rewarding experience”. 

SIX08 Health’s unified team approach to treatment will offer patients 16 types of medical treatments, while providing childcare for when they come for appointments. 

About SIX08 Health: 

Originally founded as East Meets West Health Centre by Dr. Sean Hantke DTCM in 2004, SIX08 Health is disrupting the traditional healthcare industry through a unified, patient-centric approach to care. By bringing together a team of diverse practitioners under one roof, SIX08 Health offers the complete care to achieve optimal health. With over 90 years of combined clinical experience, our doctors and practitioners offer our patients a diverse range of services at the highest level of care. From humble beginnings, SIX08 Health has grown to become a highly respected part of the healthcare community in Lethbridge, Alberta.