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Peeling vs. Not Peeling

Shareen often gets asked if peels do anything when the skin doesn’t peel.

The answer is yes!

When we hear about chemical peels most people imagine their face completely shedding and having to cut pieces of skin off during the healing process…. although some may find this satisfying, this isn’t always the case.We all have different skin types and concerns, so as services provides we tailor specific peels to every client. Peels can vary from being able to go about your normal activities right after to having 2-4 weeks of healing time.Chemical peels are designed to exfoliate the skin, reducing fine lines, hyperpigmentation, conquering acne and even hydrating the skin.

Peels that make you physically shed are mainly used to pull out hyperpigmentation, tone down oil production (acne) and deal with textural issues.

Peels that do not make you peel are intended to give a glow from within and hydrate the skin.So remember that just because your face may have not peeled off after a chemical peel it doesn’t mean it didn’t do anything!

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