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How to choose the right shoes for you:

1) Go shopping at the end of the day. As the day goes on your feet expand. With more steps and time on your feet gravity takes a toll on the bones and ligaments of your feet; they flatten, widen, and get longer. If you can’t go in the evening try to go for a 10-15 minute walk before, this will have a similar affect on your feet.

2) Bring socks when you go shopping. These socks should be the socks you would wear for the occasion you are buying the shoes for Trying on work shoes?? Wear a sock you would consider wearing to work. Going running? Wear a running sock (thin with limited seams). Socks can make a dramatic change on the fit of a shoe. Not sure which socks? Bring multiple pairs and try them out.

3) If possible measure your foot with a device. These devices are few and far between these days but having an accurate measurement of length and width will provide a good starting point of wear what size you may be. All to often we “think” we are a certain size but in reality, our foot is larger then expected. Our feet change as we get older, sometimes they get wider, sometimes they get longer (even in the mid years of our life!). As rough guideline, you should have a full thumb width between the end of your toe and the end of the shoe. This should be measured in standing. The width of your foot should not be spilling over the edge of the shoe, if so you need to find a wider toe-box shoe to support your foot and avoid any unnecessary compression.

4) Go for it, try them on! Your first impression of these shoes should be “comfortable and supportive.” Yes, some shoes take time to “break-in” but it should be a pleasant introduction. Don’t talk yourself into an expensive painful pair of shoes that you will regret buying after a few weeks of suffering. Its not worth it, they don’t fit!

5) Consider support. Are you going to use these shoes for standing on your feet all day? If so you want something rigid (you can’t twist them) and with arch support (so your foot doesn’t collapse). Do you plan on taking lots of steps throughout the day?? If so you want some cushion. There should be an absorption feeling to the shoe to lighten the impact of your steps. Are you standing on your feet all day and taking lots of steps?? If so, you need both rigidity and cushion.

Consider these simple five points the next time you are looking to buy some new shoes and I guarantee you will be more likely to be happier with your purchase. Happy Shoe Shopping!

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