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“Awakening is not changing who you are but discarding who you are not” – Deepak Chopra

As we enter the final stages of our company’s brand transition and evolution to SIX08, it’s important to reflect on where we’ve come from in order to fully appreciate where we are going next. It’s surreal to think that East Meets West has been operating for nearly 20 years! When we opened our clinic in 2004, our core focus was introducing Acupuncture and traditional Chinese methods to Lethbridge. Our very existence was tied to an eastern-meets-western treatment approach – a vision that almost 20 years later would become a larger self-fulfilling prophecy.

In that time, we’ve treated tens of thousands of patients – extending beyond the original wellness services East Meets West once provided in our humble clinic. And as our services and treatment options expand towards a range of collaborative health and medical services under one roof, our company’s evolution now sets the stage for what’s next.

“Change is inevitable…”

It was clear that the company was facing a challenge as more health & medical services were being introduced to the original business model. We literally ran out of office space. It was also very possible that we were starting to dilute the essence of what East Meets West stood for as an ‘alternative’ treatment clinic. With this said, however, it was critical that the company grew in order to offer the additional services that would compliment our alternative treatment approach – all while being the first in Southern Alberta to offer such diverse range of treatment services under one roof.

The challenge… was to find a large enough building. We not only had to identify a suitable building, but also a location that would strategically cater to the future needs of our growing community. And with limited real estate supply we agreed that a modern, state-of-the-art downtown facility would be the perfect location.

Supported by the City of Lethbridge and the Downtown Revitalization Program, our gravitation towards improving core downtown business services as well as improving the visual footprint of our city became paramount – and we couldn’t be prouder of the outcome. With construction on our new 18,000 sqft clinic that commenced October 2019, the new clinic will finally be complete by mid-April and fully operational by mid-May. To say that it’s been a rewarding experience is an understatement and we’re incredibly proud of everyone involved in making this project a reality.

“Growth is optional…”

With a new building, new location, and new Business Model on the horizon, it was only fitting that we reflected on our vision and company name. And it became more apparent that with new beginnings came new possibilities – providing an opportunity to give the company a new name which would signify our evolution while paying tribute to East Meets West and our original philosophy.

Welcome to SIX08 Health – Limitless Health, Endless Possibility.

The new clinic is conveniently located downtown, at 608 5th Ave South. (You might notice the street number reference). We acquired the old Able Dental building and commenced extensive construction work immediately – adding a new floor and doing cosmetic upgrades to the existing building.

Our vision is: “Limitless health…Endless possibility” …if you look at the numbers 60, it looks like “GO”, and “8” turned on its side is the symbol for infinity. “GO INFINITY” has become our brand mantra.

go infinity

SIX08 Health aims to disrupt the traditional healthcare model – bringing a multitude of professionals together to form a unified collaborating team with a common goal of optimal patient-centred care. And with 29 patient-dedicated parking stalls within our building parking lot as well as metered parking stalls directly in front of the building, we’ve made it as convenient as possible to visit our clinic.

For a complete list of Clinic Services, please visit www.six08health.com and follow us on all social media channels for regular company promotions and updates.

Thank you and we are excited to see you soon. 

Your team,
SIX08 Health Inc.