The Benefits of taking Probiotics | SIX08 Health Styling for tooltip.

There are many benefits to taking probiotics.

They are often thought about to help with digestion, after using antibiotics, and to support the immune system. But the microbiome has implications in inflammation, skin health, and even metabolism, where the use of probiotics are just beginning to be understood.

But probiotics are not a one size-fits-all.

They are an extremely large group of beneficial microorganisms that each have different functions. Certain species may be useful for one condition and bad for a different condition. Some species can improve certain types of constipation; others are more suited to loose stools, or abdominal cramping. To get even more complex, there can be differences between bacterial strains within the same species that can make a huge difference in effect. You can think of this in terms of dog breeds – a poodle and pitbull are both dogs, but they are very different. Choosing the right probiotic for the specific need takes significant insight.

In general terms, choosing a high quality probiotic can help ensure you are getting what you are hoping to get.

We recommend buying and storing probiotics under refrigeration. This decreases population decline in the product and you end up getting more for your money. Some strains are less susceptible to temperature but it’s a good general rule. East Meets West only deals with companies that we know and trust to have high quality products and standards in order to ensure our patients are getting what they need. Dr. Ryan Nakama is here to answer your gut health questions and help determine which probiotics are best for you.