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Postponed Surgery? Let’s Talk Pain Management

There have been a lot of disruptions due to covid-19 this year. But one that may be going overlooked is its effect on surgical delays. This leaves people in a significant amount of pain. With no timeline for a solution.

Knee replacements, hip replacements, shoulder surgeries have all been delayed. While this definitely means more time with pain and decreased mobility, it might also mean more pain medications, more time off work, decreased quality of life, higher stress.

At East meets west/Six08 health, we are well positioned to help deal with all sort of types of pain.  We’ve become pretty good at it.

So, you may already be aware of how effective chiropractic, acupuncture, massageand physiotherapy can be to treat, manage and improve pain and dysfunction. What you might not be aware of are some of the tools that exist within Naturopathic medicine.  

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Diet and Nutrition: Food is medicine. It provides the building blocks for tissue regeneration and optimal functioning. But it can also be a source of inflammation. Nutritional counselling helps to get your diet working for you.  
  • Regenerative injection therapies: A combination of therapies used to treat a variety of types of pain, from trigger points, to joint pain, to nerve-type pain. They can help regain function and improve quality of life.
  • Intravenous therapy: IV therapy can be focused on decreasing inflammation and supporting tissue healing, as well as supporting the stress response that being in pain triggers.  
  • Supplementation: The herbal and neutraceutical world provides a multitude of options to help treat pain, reduce inflammation, and repair tissues.  An option if pharmaceuticals don’t help or cause other adverse effects.
  • Lifestyle modification: Pain is a signal in the body. It exists in the nervous system. Methods to adapt and calm the nervous system can help to manage pain and increase functionality.

A Naturopathic approach addresses the many facets that contribute to pain – from the structural, to the biochemical, to the psychological and can be a welcome addition to any pain management strategy.

SIX08 Health has a full staff of experts to help you live your best. Whether you have some aches to kick, or you want to start down a path of better health, let’s chat!