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Now, more than ever, people want their immune systems top notch!

Staying healthy this fall and winter is at the top of people’s minds and supporting the immune system may be more important this season than ever.

Even just acquiring mild symptoms like a cough, sore throat, or runny nose can result in self-isolation, missed work or school days, and overall create some major disruption in your life. 

Taking the proper precautions like frequent handwashing, minimizing contact with symptomatic people, and staying home when ill are critically important to minimize spread. But doing a little extra to support the immune system can help to fight off any bugs you might be exposed to and maintain some normalcy and predictability to your life.Dr. Ryan Nakama ND can help you put a plan together to boost your immune system and help you stay healthy this season. This is a preventative, immune supportive plan. Please follow all of AHS requirements regarding symptoms and self-isolation.

* We are pleased to offer 30 minute immune focused consultations with Dr. Ryan Nakama ND.

What you get with your 30 min appointment:

  • Expert advice on immune supportive practices and supplement recommendations 
  • Home immune support resources 
  • Nutrition and diet recommendations. 
  • Immune supportive recipes. 
  • * Supplements and treatments are at an additional cost. Book online for the Naturopathic Immune Supportive Consultation.

East Meets West Inc. has a full staff of experts to help you live your best. Whether you have some aches to kick, or you want to start down a path of better health, let’s chat!