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Exciting New for 2020

Coming in 202 is the newest health center in Lethbridge. We are excited to announce that East Meets West Inc. will become Six08 Health. Part of this new branding is a state-of-the-art location in the heart of Lethbridge.

This is an excerpt from Lethbridge News Now:

The Targeted Redevelopment Incentive Policy (TRIP) was amended by Council in August of 2018 to promote new construction or major renovation of medium to large scale commercial, retail and mixed-use building projects that generate significant and ongoing expansion to the assessment base in the downtown core.

Urban Revitalization Manager Andrew Malcolm says the TRIP program is doing what it was intended to do when first passed by Council.

“The purpose is to create new developments in the downtown which grows our assessment base which means we get more taxes and it brings more vibrancy to the downtown core as more buildings are built,” he continued. “It’s a great policy and concept, and now we’re seeing it come to fruition with our first actual project being approved.”

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