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Six Reasons to See a Naturopathic Doctor

You want to optimize your energy and vitality – naturopathic doctors can help. Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms I see in practice. Naturopathic doctors investigate …
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End of 2020!

2020 has been quite the year with all its challenges!  Never did we think back in March we’d still be grappling a global pandemic that’s changed the shape of business …
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Deep Breathing for Health

Just Breathe How many of us have heard, at some point, someone telling us to “just breathe” when we are in distress?? Breathing is something that we …
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The Sweet Smell of Lavender

Lavender as an essential oil used in aromatherapy or diffusers. Lavender has calming and relaxing qualities.  It can also be used as a tea and can find …
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How COVID-19 has impacted us all

Are you feeling exhausted, confused, anxious, agitated, or numb? And can’t seem to find a reason why? It could be your body’s reaction to traumatic …
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A Simple Skincare Routine

What is your Skincare Routine? Skincare is key – the skin is the largest organ on the body, therefore offering a protective layer to the internal …
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What is Degenerative Disc Disease?

Understanding what degenerative disc disease is Early degenerative disc disease, lumbar osteoarthritis, bone spurs, “your back is breaking down”, thinned discs; these are all very scary …
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How to Develop Your Resilience

The Power of Resilience Imagine you have decided to go camping but you do not have a tent. Regardless, this is an experience you have chosen to …
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Three Tips to Deal with Melasma

Is there dirt on my face? Melasma is a common pigmentation issue that many women are left dealing with. While some may know it as pregnancy mask, …
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